Buried Echoes+A Novel of Karma+My God is a Woman+ Confession of a Jihadist

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Buried Echoes+A Novel of Karma+My God is a Woman+ Confession of a Jihadist
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Buried Echoes  Dear Father who art in Heaven : A girl grows up in a nightmarish world of abuse, neglect and loneliness With a dying mother and a tyrant father, life has precious little to offer But for how long can one be mute victim? While a desire for revenge is natural, some questions remain to be answered What if this relationship of abuse and domination is the only relationship she has ever known? Being a victim has been her only identity so far, and violence has become an inextricable part of her How will she ever emerge from this? Or, will she at all? Agafia's Suitcase Jilted by her lover on her eighteenth birthday, Agafia decides that she will “go far away to start a new life” That is when she gets her fit suitcase From being a labourer in a tobacco field to working as a domestic help in Italy, life is a continuous struggle for Agafia But surprisingly, her story is not merely an endless saga of pain; what shines through, apart from her incredible Capacity to endure, is her zest for life Pain, deception, and even violence are not enough to prevent her from falling in love yet again But will this love be any different from the ones she has known in the past?

A Novel of Karma While having a seemingly harmless glass of tea at a bazaar in Istanbul, Meredith Fitzgerald, a beautiful soon to be married American doctor finds her privileged world turned upside down A she’s waiting for the police to arrive to collect an abandoned gypsy girl left in her keeping, Meredith’s vision starts to blur and the bazaar music turns into a highpitched whine She recognizes too late that the tea was spiked with chloral hydrate, rendering her helpless In this gripping novel, a confusing scenario grows yet more frightening as Meredith realizes that she has been abducted and swept into the dark world of the human sex trade The once confident, self reliant doctor finds heelf trafficked to Mumbai and trapped in a brothel compound where she’s expected to work as the doctor But  maybe, just maybe, she is not helpless as she appears

 My God is a Woman An innocuous article in a magazine lands nine year old Safia Mehdi in the world of purdah Her father gets her married to Abbas Jafri, son of the famous Jafri family of Lucknow Abbas is a barrister and author of a controversial book Safia’s father hopes that she would be able to bring back her deviated husband to ‘God’s true faith’ Ironically, Abbas who dreams of a liberated India where women enjoy equal rights as men, leads Safia to break free from the stereotype of a traditional Muslim woman Set against the tumultuous period of pre-Independence, the husband wife duo embarks on a journey, elucidating the way to a progressive nation However, just when everything seems alright, Abbas is issued a fatwa for confronting the Imam, preaching inequality between men and women His Marxist Party too ostracizes him for criticizing the Shariat for the sorry state of the Muslim women in the country Consequently, Abbas is killed by Muslim fanatics and Safia is left all alone to fend for herself and her daughter With time, Safia gains grit and common sense Armed with her forth righteousness and sheer belief in her 'power' of being a woman, Safia walks on, championing the cause of women empowerment But does she manage to bring about that much awaited change or falls a victim to the repressive dogmas of the society? Can she help the Muslim women to step forward, wrench their tightly closed finger open and set out to build a world to suit their destiny? Can women become the God that they were always meant to be? My God is a Woman tries to seek answer  to some of these questions

Confessions of a Jihadist A strange twist of fate makes a secluded Muslim woman the wife of a Hindu man. He builds a life with her but it all goes horribly wrong after a personal mishap, which leads him towards jihad. Is he finally a person with a misguided purpose or does he get a hold on his life? The Confessions of a Jihadist is a gripping and unpredictable story of how an ordinary young man hurtles towards the dark alleys of jihad, which he feels will bring him redemption from his melancholy.

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