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Brunching with Ophelia presents a slice of life entrenched in cultural schizophrenia in our capital city, New Delhi As Ivy Roy, a lecturer of English literature, virtually resurrects Ophelia, the almost aphasic woman behind the univeal man screaming “Words, Words, Words”, her now husband and erstwhile chat friend Shumonto Roy retreats into the deep well of wordlessness, mourning the loss of his ex-girlfriend Irene ScottIs Shumonto turning into a later day Prince Hamlet of the virtual world? Will today's Ophelia speak up, turn into a voracious wordsmith to counter his oppressive silence? Suddenly the character who had met in a nebulous world of the Internet are confronted by the perils of the real Which is the fantasy world? Or do they inhabit a placeless space somewhere in between? Do they live multiple lives giving births to newer selves every time they give themselves a new screen name?
In her debut novel, the author lets loose a refraction of university life, heavily coloured by pigments of imagination And the refracting prism of this overground campus life is the netherworld of anonymous chat windows and webcam facilitated screened alliances
Sunlit Hearts Medha's unrequited love, her arranged marriage, her quest to become an accomplished writer, and her role as a mother, all intertwine resulting in a fascinating story of one feisty woman's struggles. This dramatic, authentic telling of one woman's walk through the storms of life, love, loss and her ultimate self discovery will touch your soul, and force you to examine your inner self. It will inspire you to live life on your own terms, and to fearlessly seek your heart's desire without regret or reservation. The main character, Medha, learns that her destiny is full of the joys and sorrows determined by her choices, and it is necessary to survive the storms of her relationships to experience all that life has to offer her. Witness how Medha will reach the man who truly loves her by passing through the man she loves. And how she will validate Rumi's saying – 'The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
A Thousand Love Letters Ayan falls in love with Sara at a tender age He, however, decides to follow his dreams In desperate moments, haunted by love, he writes to Sara love letters which he never sends her Seven yea go by but he never stops loving her or writing the letters
Mezz is completely anti love He believes that all people wear masks, and their true nature is only revealed at moments of complete crisis Being the opposite of Ayan, they complete as well as contradict each other, as best friends Sara, oblivious of Ayan's love or his existence, believes that true love exists and awaits her She is focused, intelligent, and an avid reader
A Thousand Love Letters is a new age romance dedicated to all love whose love remains unacknowledged and forever a silent dream Will Sara ever read Ayan's letters? Will they ever meet? Will Mezz give up his ideologies and embrace the risk of love for once?

Daniel’s Diary When Mrinalini, an art restoration expert, ventures into the ruins of Rang Mahal and the Palace of Sumangarh, an accidental discovery of a skeleton and a manuscript detailing the exploits of Daniel, a Portuguese artist, opens a window to the forgotten era of grace and grandeur The blossoming of love between a Moghul Emperor and a Rajput princess, is seen through the eyes of a foreign traveller, who himself falls in love with the Rajput princess  

The plot revolves around Daniel's quest for beauty and passion, the ecstasy and agony of love He meets the famous courtesan Mahamaya only to lose her It also draws a modern day parallel in the life of Mrinalini, a woman who seeks refuge in artistic pursuits and architectural ruins when relationships in life confuse her Will she be able to decode the clues left behind by Daniel? Will the cue of centuries old unfulfilled love break into a happy ending for Mrinalini?
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