Green Composites

Author: Croline Baillie

ISBN: 1855737396

Pages: 320; Hardbound

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DESCRIPTION: There is a growing movement of scientists and engineers which is dedicated to minimising the environment important at every stage of a product's life, from synthesis through to disposal, and a sustainable society needs environmentally safe materials and processing methods. With an internationally recognised team of contributors, Green composites examines fibre reinforced polymer composite production and explains how environmental 'footprints' can be diminished at every stage of the life cycle.
The introductory chapter focuses on why we should consider green composites. Chapter 2 looks at their design and Chapter 3 examines life cycle assessment. Subsequent chapters then discuss the properties of natural fibre sources such as cellulose and wood. Chapter 6 examines recyclable synthetic fibre-thermoplastic as an alternative solution. Polymers derived from natural sources are covered in chapter 7. The factors that influence the properties of these natural composites and natural fibre thermoplastic composites are detailed in chapter 8 and 9. Chapters 10-12 discuss clean processing, applications, re-use, recycling and degradation. The final chapter considers reprocessing.

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