Handbook of Polymer

Author: L Hollaway

ISBN: 1855731290

Pages: 320; Hardbound

Price: 1,295 Rs.


1295 ₨

DESCRIPTION: Over the last two decades there has been a growing awareness amongst structural engineers of the importance and use of composite materials. To undertake analysis and design of these materials, however, may seem a daunting task to many engineers who have training and experience in the conventional structural materials.
The purpose of this handbook is to dispel the mystery of composites by introducing polymers and fibres, discussing the fabrication techniques and providing simple equations to give the rudiments of the design of the material, of structural units and bonded and bolted joint systems. With new materials it is imperative to understand how they will behave over their accredited lifetime under load and in the natural environment; consequently the handbook contains a number of case studies.

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