Health and Safety

Author: Jane Blunt & Nigel C Balchin

ISBN: 1855735385

Pages: 272; Hardbound

Price: 1,195 Rs.


1195 ₨

DESCRIPTION:The fifth edition of this book has been extensively revised to take into account changes in technology and legislation in both the UK and USA . Beginning with a description of the core safety requirements, it goes on to describe the special hazards found in the welding environment-noise, radiation, fume, gases, etc., in terms of their effects and the strategies that might be adopted to avoid them. The book takes each major joining technology in turn and discusses the key hazards that are most relevant to that technology. The final chapters cover testing, and welding in more hazardous environments. The aim throughout is to explain the hazards and how they arise, and to suggest practical methods to achieve safe working.

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