Boys Will Be Joys


Author: Dave Meurer

ISBN: 9789380828961

Pages: 188(PB)

Price: 249 Rs.

Weight: 200gm

249 ₨

About the Book
It is a miracle that anyone can raise a kid and stay sane at the same time. Dave Meurer says he's no parenting professional. But he is the father of two rambunctious boys. With unique insight and loads of fun, Meurer shares those things that drive parents crazy–and the things that make the adventure well worth the ride. In this delightful read, you'll find helpful tips, hilarious observations, and profound reflections on bringing up boys–not to mention accounts of inane outbursts, incredulous questions, and stunned exclamations.

About the Author
Dave Meurer is the father of two sons and the author of several books on parenting. He lives in northern California

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