Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Older Adults

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Author: Elizabeth R Mackenzie

ISBN: 826138055

Publisher: Vitasta Publishing

Binding: PB

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Year: 2006

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About the Book

alternative medicine available today.CONTENTS Holistic Approaches to Healthy Aging, Healthy and Therapeutic Diets that Promote Optimal Aging, Supplements and Herbs, Homeopathy as an Aid to Healthy Aging, Music, Health, and WellBeing, Art Therapy, Massage Therapy and Older Adults, Taoist Spirituality and Philosophy: Implications for Holistic Health, Medical Acupuncture, The Benefits of Qigong, Yoga: An Introduction, Ayurveda: Mother of Traditional Medicine, Meditation and Healthy Aging, The Concept of Spiritual WellBeing and the Care of Older Adults, Therapeutic Gardens, The Eden Alternative: Nurturing the Human Spirit in Longterm Care, Index.

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