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Vitasta Publishing was founded on 27 July 2004. We hit the stands in January 2006 with a masterpiece on Gandhiji's experiments with brahmacharya named Brahmacharya Gandhi and His Women Associates. The book caused a stir and was written about by almost every newspaper and magazine in the country and was quoted internationally too.

As an independent publishing house, Vitasta has always sought to publish books that dare the system and are intellectually stimulating.

Our line-up every year includes more than 50 titles on issues of general interest, fiction and non-fiction for readers of all ages. Issues concerning Dalits, women, minorities are our priority areas.

NARENDRA MODI The Gamechanger, What Happened to Netaji ?, India's Biggest Cover-up, Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi AN INSIDE JOB?, No Country for Women, Brahmacharya Gandhi & His Women Associates, My God is a Woman, A Naxal Story, Shakti, Line of Control and Constitutional Controversies are some of our best selling titles.

We have a new genre of gender-related fiction from authors like Mariam Karim and Marta Franceschin. We also have a true-stories series from authors like K L Chowdhury, Amit Shankar and Shobha Warrier.

Under wellness category, titles such as Say No to Diabetes, Heart Problem, Asthma, Arthritis andWrinkles, Quit Smoking, How and Why have been hits. Besides, we also have some self help books such as Born to Win; Mind, Body & Spirit and 7 Ways of Healthy Living.

Under books for young adults and teenagers we have titles such as The School of Ages series,Crushes, Careers and Cell phones, A Little Hero, Love Lasts For Ever etc.

This year we have also published novels under the thriller/detective genre.

Under Management Science, our book Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure is being bought by IIM Bangalore and MDI Gurgaon as course material.

We have a series of security-related publications also.

The journalistic background of those running the Vitasta show helps them identify issues and understand the significance of the subject an author has written about or is planning to write on. While the authors get the satisfaction of seeing their manuscripts chiseled by our in-house team, the reader gets a product that has been prepared with care and dedication. All books are thoroughly reviewed and processed to ensure they are accurate and authentic. Every book is a unique product and Vitasta treats it as so.

Vitasta Publishing has three imprints

  • Vitasta: for trade and literary books (fiction and non fiction)
  • VitMed: for Nursing & Health Books
  • Vit Books: Distribution set-up
  • Book Link: A monthly trade newspaper
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