Being Modi


Author: Paavani Sinha & Nikita Parmar

ISBN: 9789382711360

Binding: HB

Price: 4999 Rs.

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About the Book

Narendra Kumar Damodardas Modi’s charisma stems from the fact that no matter how popular he becomes, he remains an enigma. This book is a glimpse of a man through pictures and not too many words. The aim is to portray, not propagate.

This book takes the reader on a journey from his humble beginning in a small mofussil village in India to now when the country looks towards him to relieve it from the quagmire that it finds itself in. The reader is invited to share his triumphs and his failures, his dreams and his aspirations, not for himself but for his motherland. Because as we discovered, Modi essentially is what his country makes of him and he makes of it....

About the Author

Nikita Parmar is a young lawyer practising at the Delhi High Court. After graduating from the National Law Institute University, Bhopal, she has worked with various law firms of national repute. She is at present an associate with the law firm Sabre and Shield. She is a Gujarati by birth but has stayed in other Indian cities such as Mumbai, Bhopal and Delhi. She was the main researcher for the book Narendra Modi: The Game Changer on which this coffee table is based. She travelled Gujarat extensively during the research and met Shri Narendra Modi and his family members to unearth hitherto unknown aspects of the life of the NDA’s prime ministerial candidate.

Born in Kolkata and raised in Mumbai, Paavani Sinha has led what can be called a fairly eclectic life. From teaching languages, writing for the Times of India and Observer groups to helping the under-privileged at CRY, she has also collaborated with and anchored on TV programmes, voiced on radio, co-ordinated film festivals and worked with Zee India (now Zee News) to create a series, Session with Seshan, where the former Election Commissioner of India, TN Seshan, deliberated on relevant issues. After a hiatus spent concentrating on family, this book mirrors her dream of a positive alternative to the kind of governance that our country has endured for the better part of its independence. She lives in New Delhi with her husband and two sons.