M G Devasahayam

MG DEVASAHAYAM is an Economist-Administrator with a distinguished career spanning over four decades. He has first-hand experience in the working of Indian Army, Government (IAS), Public & Private Sector, Political System and Non Governmental Organizations. He has worked closely with Mother Teresa and Jayaprakash Narayan, which he considers as the greatest achievement of his life.

During the Emergency [1975-77], when JP was imprisoned at Chandigarh, Devasahayam was District Magistrate of the Union Territory and as such was JP’s ‘custodian in jail’. During this period, he met JP almost on a daily basis and developed a warm relationship with him that sustained even after the Emergency and lasted till JP, the architect of ‘India’s Second Freedom’, passed away in October 1979.

The author is a thinker, analyst, public speaker and writer. Several of his articles have been published in newspapers across the country and other prestigious publications. The thrust in his writing has been governance, reforms, resource efficiency and issues such as freedom, democracy and corruption.

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