R C Khuntia

In a Country where more than 93 percent of the 400 million work force have no guarantee of employment, no social safety net and do not have a forum where they can voice their opinion, social partners such as state, trade unions and employers have a vital role to play. Labour absorption capacity of the ongoing economic development has not been impressive. Corresponding to it, unemployment has continued to rise. The number of working poor has also increased. There is also a growing concern about the social and economic exclusion and consequent employment insecurities. Such a situation warrants that employment should be at the centre of macroeconomic policy rather than a ‘hoped for outcome’ of the policies the present volume brings to the fore important question pertaining to labour especially to men, women and children working in the unorganized sector, raised in parliament by R C Khuntia, Member of parliament, who is by heart a trade union leader committed to a couse.

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