Athimuthu Ganesh Nadar

About the Author: Athimuthu Ganesh Nadar was born and brought up in Mumbai and did his higher schooling in Barnes, Devlali. He studied philosophy in Elphinstone College, Mumbai. One of his philosophy classmates and friend Yazad Darasha went on to become the business editor of Sunday Observer. A chance meeting with the editor, where he had gone to meet his friend, set him on the path of writing. In 1988 he left Mumbai at the age of 30, complaining that it had become too crowded and moved into this quaint village in Tamil Nadu with the name of Panickanadarkudiruppu. He has been there for 25 years now. From Sunday Observer he moved to Rediff.com. He is a founder-member there and now Deputy Managing Editor. What is surprising is that Mumbai folk call him a villager and his village folk call him a city man. He lives with his wife Bhavani and daughter Pooja in a three-storied house his father built—in his village.

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