Patna A Monumental History

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Author: Vivek Kumar Singh, IAS

ISBN: 9788189766848

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About the Book

History has had its own favourites, and Patna, inarguably, has been one of them. The palanquin of India's incredible heritage, Patna, has down the ages stood like a mannequin, upon which civilizations have bestowed fineries woven by stout threads of secular democratic traditions, embroidered by delicate pearls of eclectic cultural mosaic. Standing steadfast by the bank of the timeless Ganga, by the grace of god, this Patna, of yore and now, has over a period of two millennia and more, assimilated the minds, moods and monuments of ancient, medieval and modern times; Buddha's prophetic feuds, fires and floods, notwithstanding.

Golghar on the front cover as seen from the river with European official's house nearby is a watercolour painting by Robert Smith (1787-1873). Golghar, a huge granary, built by Captain John Garstin in 1786, intended to store grain, but unfortunately, the building was found to be unsuitable for its purpose.

The 100-year old Darbhanga House was built by Maharajadhiraja of Darbhanga during the later half of the 19th Century. It has been declared a heritage site. It now houses the post graduate faculty of the Patna University.

The picture on the back cover is a pen and ink drawing by Sir Charles D'Oyly (1781-1845), of a view of the French Factory at Patna dated 9 February 10, 1823, from an album of 80 drawings, of views in Bengal and Bihar, made between January 1823 and May 1825.