Shakti Real-Life Stories

Author: Maloy Krishna Dhar

ISBN: 8189766678

Binding: PB

Price: 325 Rs.

325 ₨

About the Book

Shakti is an exciting anthology which showcases 14 crisp and wonderful stories about varied women whom the author, Maloy Dhar, met during his childhood, college days and his tenure in the IB. The author delves deep into the labyrinth of his sensitive chords and tries to encrypt the heroic stories of these women. All the stories are as varied as the women themselves and depict how these women fight their way out from the situations they encounter. From portraying the undying love of his friends from college days, to the harrowing account of a riot victim, a famous starlet's fight for her real identity, the author has woven a beautiful tapestry which throws abundant light on the foundation of all creations - Shakti.

Dhar has even dared to write against his lecherous boss who impregnates his maid's daughter, and pushes the innocent into the debauch world of beggary. He has exposed certain political leaders who still indulge in the practice of ‘bonded labour’ in their fiefdoms and machinate organized killings. Dhar's biggest regret is that he could not do anything for her. The stories paint life as it is rather than trying to be didactic, though there is a strong element of projection of women’s intrinsic power to fight against societal evils.

About the author

Maloy Krishna Dhar is a product of Calcutta University. After joining the Indian Police Service in 1964, he was seconded to the Intelligence Bureau, a platform that offered him in-depth perceptions and insight into Indian politics, insurgency, counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence and other ground realities of the nation. After retirement, he took to freelance journalism and authored many literary works. Some of the best sellers are Open Secrets–India's Intelligence Unveiled; Fulcrum of Evil–ISI, CIS, AI Qaeda Nexus, Operation Triple X, Black Thunder and We the People of India: A Story of Gangland Democracy.

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