Satyajit Ray From Frame to Frame

Satyajit Ray: From Frame to Frame

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ISBN: 9789390961856

Author: Dr Shoma A Chatterji

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About the Book

He made films that will last forever. Named as one of the ten best filmmakers across the world by the Time magazine, Satyajit Ray continues to be an enigma. He changed cinema with his universal themes that hold true in all cultures at all times. His legendary characters transcended the synthetic boundaries of celluloid and the framed confines of the screen to step into our hearts and remain there forever. Chatterji’s book is an ode to Ray’s cinema. Shoma forces us to minutely examine the meaning embedded in the smaller scenes, the most silent relationships, and the characters that stay away from any stereotypical, monolithic description. She also describes his love for music through his haunting compositions in film after film and the new world he created for children through Feluda’s adventure-filled journeys. This book demands a closer exploration of his work and drives the reader into watching the films discussed yet again—this time with eyes peeled for the nuances that Shoma has caught and laid out for the benefit of the reader.

About the Author

Dr Shoma A Chatterji

Dr Shoma A Chatterji, Life­time Achievement SAMMAN awardee from Rotary Metro City in 2012, is a freelance journalist, film scholar and an author. She has been on the jury at major film festivals and has presented papers at different conferences around the world. She has also authored 27 books on various themes of Indian Cinema, Gender Studies, Short Story collections and others.

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