The School on the Hill

The School on the Hill

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Author: Ganesh Nadar

ISBN: 9789386473059

Binding: PB

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About The Book

Have you ever wondered why the bonding among boarders is much stronger than the bonding among classmates? Have you ever thought about first crushes, midnight feasts, robbing guavas and eating berries? The boy had his right arm across his belly, as he bowed and asked ‘May I have the pleasure of this dance’. The girl held the corners of her dress and curtsied daintily, ‘Yes, sure’. That’s the way you are supposed to ask a lady for a dance; this too was taught at Barnes, apart from boxing, swimming and many other games. The school on the hill, with its massive stone buildings, is history retold by its legendary teachers and mischievous students. The management of Christ Church school, Mumbai, thought that the city was too crowded and unhealthy in 1917 and suggested a boarding school in Devlali. Wonder what would they say about today’s Mumbai? Life in a boarding school comes alive through the eyes of an 11-year-old and you grow up with him through his teens. A book that you will not put down and recommend to every boarding school student.

About the Author

Ganesh Nadar is a reporter with India’s premier website, of which he is also a founder member. He has been a student of Barnes and then Elphinstone College, Mumbai. This is his second book after his first book, Village Voices, which was about life in a village. This book is about life in a boarding school. What a life!

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