Sanatana Dharma The Pathway to a Happy Life

Sanatana Dharma The Pathway to a Happy Life

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ISBN: 9789390961993

Editors: Jaganniwas Iyer

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About the Book

With the changing times, we seem to be too engrossed in our silos of individual growth and achievements and tend to ignore or even ridicule tradition. To be Western is the trend, without realising that the philosophical tradition of the West is trying to discover the beauty of Sanatan Dharma—an all-inclusive way of life. From Adi to Anant, Sanatan Dharm is the constant evolution and revelations of human possibilities. It keeps transforming with time to suit the need for existence. It is not rigid. But the moral order underlying existence never changes. When duty becomes a part of consciousness and gets the backing of impeccable philosophy of existence, life becomes much easier. Sanatan Dharm does just that. As we step into this new world, Sanatan Dharm will find increasing resonance with those who wish to understand religion and its purpose in life. This is because Sanatan Dharm is not prescriptive and gives individuals the liberty to be seekers and find their own enlightenment. It rather guides people to attain higher levels of spiritual discovery.

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