India's Foreign Policy and National Security Strategy

India's Foreign Policy and National Security Strategy

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Title: India's Foreign Policy and National Security Strategy

ISBN: 9789386473394

Editor: C D Sahay

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Language: English

Year: 2019


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About The Book

India's Foreign Policy and National Security Strategy

Has India always been a part of someone else's strategy? A RAND Corporation study argues that India thinks defensively due to the geography and cultural belief systems, so India never had a strategic culture. There is also the argument that India's scriptures prescribe Dharmayuddha, the ethics of war, so today's India is unable to master the war game. Among the many issues is the question, can India's greater aspirations be met without significant conventional military power? Will the Pakistan problem die due to lack of water? How can India manage its politically boiling neighbours? Especially Han China's jingoism. And terrorism in Afghanistan. As the world becomes multipolar and India begins to take its deserved place in the comity of nations, there is an urgent need to develop an Indian narrative of its security and foreign policy needs, based on India's experience and cultural and civilisational values. This volume, titled, India's Foreign Policy and National Security Strategy, brings together a galaxy of eminent strategic thinkers who provide deep insight into India's neighbourhood geopolitics and what poses threat to India's national security. The volume thus begins with a refreshing scrutiny of India's strategic culture, and interesting dissections of the challenges of national defence, internal security, neighbourhood outreach and finally, the nuances of forging strategic partnerships in tune with national interests. It gives the readers a world view of India's future concerns.

About the VIF

Vivekananda International Foundation is a prominent and distinctive think tank, based in Delhi. Guided by the message of Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), the VIF conducts research on a wide range of subjects covering international relations, national security, foreign policy, issues of defence, governance, economics, history and civilisation. The objectives of the VIF's research are to promote nation building, encourage harmony in diversity, prioritise conflict avoidance and generate environmental awareness. An able team of researchers, defence, security and foreign policy experts, prominent academicians and eminent citizens helps the VIF in its activities. The VIF's messages are reflected in its regular publications. As a premier geo-political, strategic and national security think tank, the VIF is committed to offer focused and expertly analysed issues of national salience for the discerning citizen, the polity, and the decision-makers to take note. Publication of VIF PERSPECTIVE has been one of the means to that end.

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