Battle for Hearts & Mind from North East to Kashmir and beyond

Battle for Hearts & Mind from North East to Kashmir and beyond

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Author: Major General Dipak Mukherjee

ISBN: 9789382711902

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About the Book:

Good governance is the greatest act of patriotism in 21st-century India, says Maj Gen Dipak Mukherjee, in his book, Battle for Hearts & Minds from North East to Kashmir and Beyond.  Just military intervention cannot compensate for governance deficit, argues Maj Gen Mukherjee, sharing his unique insight into how the Indian Army actually won wars on the ground. When the moral compass was steady, as in Nagaland, in the 1950s and ’60s or during the Bangladesh war of 1971, the Indian Army achieved victories far bigger than military surrender. 

But in Sri Lanka, India’s moral compass was severely tested.  As one havildar said, ‘Sahib, we all are now in Sri Lanka.  Last time in ancient history, Ram came here with his army to fight Raavan. Can you tell us, who is our Raavan here?’ 

Pleading for a larger perspective, he says, the battle for hearts and minds will continue to inform our understanding of war. In this journey, General Mukherjee’s insights are a valuable milestone. Written with poignant exuberance, this book is recommended for reading particularly by the young generations of India and neighbouring countries. It is equally good reading for the older generation of people to reflect and introspect upon the state the nation has been consigned to and bequeathed to young Indians.  It is indeed a low bottom line from where young Indians have to lift India in this so-called Asian century.

About the Author

Maj Gen Dipak Mukherjee joined The Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun as a cadet when he was just thirteen years old. Then began his romance and enchantment with the military way of life, with forty-six years in uniform.

Being from the combat arm of the Infantry, he was an active participant, from the rank of Lieutenant to Major General, in all conflict zones since 1967, his year of commission. Apart from all critical courses offered by the Army to only selected officers, he also has a Masters degree in Military Science from the Madras University and a Doctorate in Management on Concept of National Security at Macro and Micro level of Governance. He was awarded Yudh Seva Medal and Vishist Seva Medal during his active command of a brigade and a division respectively.

After retirement, he worked for the Shree Maheshwar Hydroelectric Power Project Private Ltd in Madhya Pradesh. He is widely travelled abroad, both in his professional and personal life. He says, it is so necessary for people to understand the starting point of Indian insurgency. If history is not presented as a recorded story of facts, how can one ever learn from history?


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