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Return of the Infidel

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Author: Virendra Pandit

ISBN: 9789386473073

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About The Book

It is not Gandhi but Jinnah who was the Father of modern India. It was Jinnah who, like a pied piper, lured monotheism out of India. His persistent demand for a ‘separate nation’ for Muslims resulted in the migration of millions of Muslims to a new geographical and political reality called Pakistan. Had this not happened, imagine a united Hindustan with 750 million Muslims by 2050, the biggest Islamic country in the world. In that sense Jinnah was the greatest Indian after Gautam Buddha, Chanakya and Adi Shankara.

Author-journalist Virendra Pandit suggests that although Mahatma Gandhi pretended to oppose Partition, deep within he was content that India would be a country living according to its Hindu heritage and ethos. Gandhi plotted the exit of Islam and Christianity—the end of colonialism—so that most part of India remained a home majorly for the Hindus. He egged on Jinnah to demand Pakistan and with its creation India’s medieval era came to an end. Arguments of the author are compelling and though the book appears to be a panacea for those who think that India will survive only if it is a Hindu majority country, there is plenty to chew on for the forces of secularism. Return of the Infidel is the story of how India ejected both Christianity and Islam from the subcontinent. The story of China and Japan, and that of many other nations, is the same. Christianity and Islam viewed these three ancient Asian giants as ‘infidels’—and they are Returning now!

About the Author

Virendra Pandit is a journalist since 1983. He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree and a Master of Arts (MA) in Economics from the University of Indore. He has contributed articles on diverse subjects to newspapers, magazines and online publications. Since 2006, he has been working with The Hindu Group of Newspapers as a business journalist.

He is a passionate student of biology and the other sciences, philosophy and psychology, religions and technology, history and culture, linguistics and music, international politics and diplomacy, besides mathematics and cosmogony. His first book is The Biology of History: Ascent of Women. It was welcomed with rave reviews.

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