The Kashmir Story Part-1

The Kashmir Story Part-1

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Author: Arjan Nath Chaku

ISBN: 9789382711742

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About the Book

The Kashmir Story (1 and 2) are a veritable encyclopaedia on Kashmir. Part 1 traces the history of Kashmir beginning from the legends of Nilamatapurana to Kalhana’s Rajatarangini followed by Jonaraja’s, Srivara’s and Sukha’s historical accounts which give us a vivid account of kings, their rule and misrule with the existing political, administrative, economic and social life.

It describes the rise and fall of the Gonanda, Vikramaditya, Lohara, Karkota, Utpala dynasties with the fascinating palace intrigues, romances and civil wars. It also describes the topography of Kashmir highlighting its important places and frontier regions. It traces the rise of Kashmir as a seat of learning detailing its great scholars and their famous works.

It tells us the origin of Kashmir Shaivism, how Buddhism became a part of the classical culture of Kashmir and its impact, how Rinchan and Shah Mir came to Kashmir and a land ruled for thousands of years by Hindu kings became a Muslim state. How Sultan Sikandar’s persecution of people of other faiths was offset by the tolerant rule of Budshah. The secular character of Akbar and Jahangir’s love for Kashmir is highlighted. The book ends with the cultural highlights of the Medieval period with scholarly works of Abhinavagupta, Lal Ded and her famous vaakhs, poetry of songstress Habba Khatoon and the verses of Rupa Bhawani.

About the Author

Arjan Nath Chaku (1917-2011) was born in the Valley of Kashmir during the reign of the Dogra rulers. In 1947, frenzy and chaos engulfed India, especially Kashmir. Arjan Nath came to Delhi with his family and young son, Inder in 1948 and become a journalist with the Daily Hamdard. As a journalist he met Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was on holiday in Gulmarg. He also met Acharya Jivatram Bhagwandas, JB Kripalani and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, on their visits to Kashmir. He regularly wrote articles on Kashmir politics for Koshur Samachar, New Age and Press Trust of India.

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