The Hindu Book Of Dead

The Hindu Book Of Dead

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Author: Trinath Mishra

ISBN: 9789380828404

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About the Book

The Hindu Book of the Dead discusses all the concepts, beliefs and traditions found in these texts as well as the secular classical works about death and its meanings critically. The significance of various funeral rites and rituals and their relevance for the soul and for those who are alive have also been explained. What are those rituals and their meanings and how the soul tries to overcome the cycle of life and death? Where the journey ends? The body is dead but the soul still has to travel. The book tries to explain the What, Why, Where and How of what is described as death.  It also presents a comparative picture of the beliefs and traditions held by other faiths and cultures.

About the Author

Dr Trinath Mishra belongs to a family of Brahmins of the Advaita Tradition. He learnt Sanskrit and studied scriptures from Shri Ramakant Shastri, Dr. Ramdev Tripathi and Shri Soham Maharaj.  Dr Mishra had his formal education at Netarhat School, Jharkhand; Patna College, Bihar and Rohilkhand University, Uttar Pradesh. He was awarded the Radhika Devi Gold Medal for his academic accomplishments.

He served in the Indian Police Service from 1965 to 2002 and was decorated for gallantry as well as distinguished services. Two of his books, Kumbh-Gatha and Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi have been widely acclaimed.

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