Divinity Unfolded

Divinity Unfolded

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Author: Dr HC Lal

ISBN: 9789382711452

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About the Book

Rarely does a reader come across a beautiful collection of poems like this. With topics like Divinity and God, one is not sure what to expect. Each poem is written straight from the heart and so moves the reader deeply. From the unfolding of the cosmic drama to the dynamics of creation; from the all-pervasiveness of God to the quest of the Divine; from God as a great sculptor to life as a pilgrimage — the poems explore the mysteries of life and death and of mortality versus immortality.

It is not easy to write poems on such an elusive topic like Divinity, the invisible and the manifest. Yet, Prof Lal has accomplished this task very successfully. His command of the language and choice of words leaves the reader spellbound. Good literature blunts the dividing line between prose and poetry. Prof Lal’s poems do precisely this and therefore reach out to all readers — whether lovers of fiction, non-fiction or poetry.

About the Author

The author, Professor Dr H C Lal (Hridayesh Chandra Lal) was born on the 2nd January, 1938.  He obtained his Master's degree in English from L S College, Muzaffarpur, one of the premier centres of learning in India then. He began his teaching career as Lecturer in English in S R K Goenka College, Sitamarhi. After a brief stint there, he shifted to his alma mater, L S College, Muzaffarpur, which housed the departments of Bihar University (now BRA Bihar University), Muzaffarpur. He obtained his Ph D degree in 1971; and thereafter, he successfully guided the research projects of quite a number of scholars who received their PhD degrees under his supervision. Dr Lal was elevated to the rank of Professor of English in the University Department of English, BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. 

During the early nineties, he was a Member, Bihar College Service Commission, Patna. He has been a man of profound erudition, whose lectures in the classroom had a spellbinding impact on his students. His persona was such that even violent student agitations used to dissipate at the mere sight of him. He has based his life on the primacy of truth and honesty. For him, truth is the magnet that attracts Shivam and Sundaram, thus forming the duo that activate the liberation of the individual self from the bondage of material lures.

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