Durand Line: Did India Fail Frontier Gandhi

Durand Line: Did India Fail Frontier Gandhi?

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Durand Line: Did India Fail Frontier Gandhi?

ISBN: 9789386473929

Author: RNP Singh

Publisher : Vitasta

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Binding: HB

Language: English

Year: 2020


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About the Book

‘You have thrown us to the wolves!’ These words by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan will continue to haunt the nation for decades to come. In the story of India’s Freedom Struggle, he was one of the bravest. A martyr. Yet he and his Pakhtun brothers were betrayed without a second thought. His dream of an undivided India was crushed when the Partition plan was accepted by the Congress without even consulting him. The newly formed Pakistan government considered him a traitor and threw him into jail several times, even in his old age, forcing him into exile in Afghanistan. Ghaffar Khan was a man who lived, sacrificed, suffered and died for his people. To his followers, he was their uncrowned king, ‘Badshah’ Khan, while the rest of the world will remember him as the ‘greatest non-violent soldier of Islam’. For those of the new generation, this book is an opportunity to revisit this chapter of India’s history and give this iconic son his due respect and love.

About the Author

RNP Singh is a Senior Fellow at the Vivekananda International Foundation, a Delhi-based think-tank. He is also Chairman of the College of Vocational Studies (Delhi University). A former officer of the Government of India’s Intelligence Bureau, his distinguished service credentials earned him a coveted President’s Police Medal, Indian Police Medal, the Sukriti and Kautilya awards. He has written a number of books including Riots & Wrongs, Bangladesh Decoded, ISI ka Aatank, Pakistan ki Haquiqat (both in Hindi), Nehru: A Troubled Legacy (2015), Sardar Patel: Unifier of Modern India (2018) and Politics of Opportunism.

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